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Smith-Wells Lodge, P.O. Box DC 30640
Long Island, Bahamas


Thank you, thank you, thank you ! ! !
What a wonderful trip! This was my first time here & we all caught a lot of bonefish...
Everyone was so great.

-Susie Hoffman, Fisherville, KY


Used 28 different flies, caught 28 fish.
-Ben Reynolds, Delray Beach, FL


Frank & Jerry did a great job -worked hard for us all week. A pleasure to fish with... Will be back. again.
-Jay W.


After landing almost 90 bonefish on my first visit, I'm looking forward to another exciting & relaxing week at the lodge.
-Ken Vallino, Ligonier, PA


Kicked some bonefish ass

many cudas, landed 25-30 sharks 3-6' (lemon, spinners), drank 11 bottles of Nassau Royale. Fish on!


30 fish in the last 2 days. Drank 2 L rum & 1 L Drambue (+beers of course). That's for 2, which is a better rate of consumption than the first lot!
-Stuart Crooks


I spent a wonderful week with Samuel Knowles. He is an outstanding guide; can find fish where you (I, anyway) would swear there are none & works incredible hard to insure your success. He has fished the area since he was a boy & knows the dozens of miles of cays & flats. In addition, he is a genuinely nice person & a pleasure to be with. There are always fish somewhere & he will find them.
-Fred Picker


I have fished with Sammy 3 times;
once with my wife, once with a buddy &
once with my son. I can say that Sammy is an outstanding guide & a real gentleman. He is patient, has tremendous eye sight & works his tail off for you. We all caught good numbers of bones & had great times.
-Bruce Nakao, Los Altos Hills, CA